Bulk Monoclonal Antibody Production

Bulk Antibody ProductionUsing class-leading technology The Antibody Company can quickly produce mg to gram quantities of monoclonal antibodies at concentrations 10-100 times that produced by standard techniques.

The technology behind bulk antibody production is ideal for use with reduced serum or serum free medium.

For bulk production of monoclonal antibodies, standard lab scale tissue culture techniques must be up-scaled. The Antibody Company offers a number of methods for generating antibodies at a larger scale, achieving mg to gram quantities.

These include double compartment bioreactors, which allows growth of cells at 20-30 fold higher density and therefore greatly increases secreted product concentrations, up to 100 fold. These systems typically consist of a medium compartment and a cell compartment, separated by a semi-permeable membrane which retains cells and their high molecular weight products, but allows continuous flow of nutrients. It also allows media exchange without disturbing cells. A silicon membrane is located at the bottom of the flask, which allows a steady oxygen supply and carbon dioxide exchange.

These features ultimately allow for long-term, continuous culture from which a high concentration of antibody can be obtained for several weeks or months.