Antibody Discovery and Development

Develop novel antibody cell lines, or reengineer current lines for recombinant antibody/protein production: The Antibody Company is a partner for success.

There are many steps to generating a custom antibody, getting each one right is essential to producing high-quality product.

Recombinant Technology

Using our own CHO-TAC cell line and vector system, we are able to generate recombinant antibody/protein producing cell lines from a variety of starting materials including:

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    Existing hybridoma cell lines

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Hybridoma Cell Lines

We offer services in generating:

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    Novel hybridoma lines

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    Bulk production of existing lines at higher concentrations than commonly used methods

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    Affinity Purification

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    Polishing eg ion exchange chromatography

Antibody Engineering

TAC can humanise, species or isotype switch etc your antibody for therapeutic or diagnostic applications.


Why use us?

  • Rapid and competitive quotation
  • Flexible project start and end points
  • Experienced team and project management
  • Real-time project updates and technical support
  • No customs delays, no duty and overseas shipping for UK based companies
  • Same day shipping
  • Specialist problem solvers

Virtual Lab for early stage companies

De-risk promising early stage technology by using The Antibody Company's integrated research and production facilities and over 20 years' experience for developing diagnostics and therapeutics. Our Virtual Lab packages can speed up the process and save significant up-front expenditure on specialist equipment and staff.

We offer our Virtual Lab expertise for assistance and partnering in grant and commercial applications.


Talk to us about a service

The Antibody Company offers competitive pricing for single phase or the entire process of generating high-quality monoclonal antibodies and assays.

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