Cell Culture and Bulk Antibody Production

Using class-leading technology The Antibody Company can quickly produce mg to gram quantities of monoclonal antibodies at concentrations 10-100 times that produced by common techniques

Bulk Production

The Antibody Company offers a number of methods for upscaling to generate antibodies at a larger scale, achieving mg to gram quantities.

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    Our technology, which uses double compartment bioreactors, for bulk antibody production is ideal for use with serum, reduced serum or serum free medium.

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    These double compartment bioreactors allow growth of cells much higher density and greatly increases secreted product concentrations, up to 100 fold.

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    These features ultimately allow for long-term, continuous culture from which a high concentration of antibody can be obtained for several weeks or months.

3rd Party Cell Culture Problem solving

TAC has significant expertise in solving culture and low production yield problems on 3rd party cell lines, resulting in optimised and efficient culture.

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    Poorly growing cells

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    Poor producers

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    Media optimisation

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    Transfer to CHO/HEK

ISO9001 Complaint Cell Banking

We have onsite storage with dual liquid nitrogen repositories.

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    Cell bank mirroring between storage tanks ensuring comprehensive cover against repository failure.

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    24/7 monitoring facilities

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    Secure your critical cell lines with expert offsite storage

Interested in the history of Monoclonal Antibodies?

Read our guide on the advancement in the production of monoclonal antibodies from the 1960s up to the present day.


Why use us?

  • Rapid and competitive quotation
  • Flexible project start and end points
  • Experienced team and project management
  • Real-time project updates and technical support
  • No customs delays, no duty and overseas shipping for UK based companies
  • Same day shipping
  • Specialist problem solvers

Virtual Lab for early stage companies

De-risk promising early stage technology by using The Antibody Company's integrated research and production facilities and over 20 years' experience for developing diagnostics and therapeutics. Our Virtual Lab packages can speed up the process and save significant up-front expenditure on specialist equipment and staff.

We offer our Virtual Lab expertise for assistance and partnering in grant and commercial applications.


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The Antibody Company offers competitive pricing for single phase or the entire process of generating high-quality monoclonal antibodies and assays.

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