The Antibody Company Virtual Lab

De-risk promising early-stage technology by using TAC’s integrated research and production facilities and over 20 years consulting experience for developing diagnostics and therapeutics

Virtual Lab

If you are a start-up or virtual company in therapeutics or diagnostics, maximise your available resource for research and development minimising early stage capital expenditure. As a physical partner to virtual start-up companies, many of our partner companies benefit from: 

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    Cost-effective full research and production facilities enabling resource to be directed at R&D 

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    Antibody development and screening

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    Process development

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    Assay development

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    Rapid turn-key services to accommodate competing priorities at the early developmental stages

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    Over 20 years of Antibody production expertise and project management to help your company limit risk and succeed

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    Banking and storage:
    Stock management and shipping—we can ship to partners worldwide
    Secure monitored storage: store cells and product with confidence


Why use us?

  • Rapid and competitive quotation
  • Flexible project start and end points
  • Experienced team and project management
  • Real-time project updates and technical support
  • No customs delays, no duty and overseas shipping for UK based companies
  • Same day shipping
  • Specialist problem solvers

Talk to us about a service

The Antibody Company offers competitive pricing for single phase or the entire process of generating high-quality monoclonal antibodies and assays.

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